Water Resource

The reliability of a water supply, whether it is a private well or public water, depends on an understanding of hydrogeology, geochemistry, drinking water standards, and environmental regulations that may apply to water withdrawal.

St.Germain takes a holistic approach to water resource projects by understanding the life-cycle of the resource: from recharge filling a lake or aquifer, to determining whether natural recharge can provide the needed quantity, to predicting the affect of long-term water withdrawal on water quality and the environment. Our work has ranged from identifying a new public groundwater supply, to determining the cause and solution to road salt contamination of a well, to calculating how groundwater withdrawal affects the flow of a nearby stream.

Water Resource Services

Groundwater supply exploration
Goundwater and surface water monitoring
Spring water evaluations
Road salt and saltwater intrusion contamination assessments
Water supply vulnerability assessments
Wellhead protection plans
Hydrogeologic investigations


Site Types

Water utilities
Quarries and landfills
Commercial spring water companies
Municipalities with road salt liability
Industrial water withdrawal
Coastal saltwater intrusion

Select Clients

Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, and Wells Water District
Holbrook Foundation
Town of Pittston
Pike Industries
Hampden Water District

Representative Projects