St. Germain is an expert at wastewater quality monitoring, data interpretation, permitting/licensing, operations assistance and industrial pretreatment services. We understand that sample collection is as important as sample analysis, so we make sure that sampling is performed by experienced staff who are extremely familiar with sampling techniques as well as the automatic water samplers routinely used in wastewater monitoring.

Wastewater Compliance Services

Wastewater Permitting/Licensing

State and Federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits and Waste Discharge Licensing
Industrial Discharge / Sewer User Permitting
Permit Compliance Evaluations
Draft Permit Review and Agency Negotiations
NetDMR (Discharge Monitoring Report) Submittals

Wastewater Operations Assistance

Process Control/Troubleshooting
Operator Training
Routine Wastewater Sampling & Analysis
Data Review/Trending/Evaluations
Contract Laboratory Coordination
Reporting and Notifications to Regulating Agencies

Industrial Pretreatment

Pretreatment Program Development
Assistance with Headworks Loading Analyses and Local Limits Development
Enforcement Response Plans
Slug Loading Plans
Industrial Pretreatment Facility Inspections and Compliance Review
Categorical Standards and Limits Development
Employee Training

Select Wastewater Sites

ecomaine Landfill, South Portland, ME
Elmet Technologies, Lewiston, ME
FMC Corporation, Rockland, ME
Futureguard, Lewiston, ME
Mizkan Americas, Auburn, ME
Modula Inc., Lewiston, ME
Maine College of Art, Portland, ME
Pratt Abbott, Westbrook, ME