A company may choose to outsource Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) services to ensure a seamless transition during times of personnel or ownership changes, to streamline programs and cut operating expenses, or simply because a full-time EHS position is not currently needed at their facility. Whatever the reason, St.Germain has the experience necessary to assist your staff or to serve as your dedicated EHS service-provider.

Our staff members — including scientists, regulatory specialists, Professional Engineers (PE) and Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM) — are proficient in applying EHS compliance strategies, anticipating potential issues, and managing complex compliance programs. With our long-term, well developed relationships with state and federal regulatory agencies, St.Germain is a good fit as a company’s regulatory liaison during regulatory enforcement inspections, environmental permitting, reporting and other tasks.

By taking control of compliance at your facility, St.Germain allows you to focus on what is important—keeping your business successful.



St. Germain’s outsourcing service offers a variety of benefits, including:

Immediate access to experienced, qualified EHS professionals
Total costs are typically less than hiring a full time EHS professional
No employee professional training costs
Continuity of environmental staff
Access to St.Germain engineers and scientists with experience in environmental investigation and remediation
Access to St.Germain’s Sentry EHS® tracking system to monitor a company’s EHS compliance deadlines and provide up-to-the-minute compliance status
Environmental experts, backed by an experienced, credible organization that has been in business since 1992



Outsourcing services:

Monitor EHS compliance of company operations on a periodic basis
Track compliance using Sentry EHS compliance management system
Provide required onsite EHS training and compliance evaluation inspections
Provide environmental reporting (i.e., MAIRIS, Form R, Tier II, etc.)
Prepare applications for air, wastewater and hazardous waste licensing
Update and prepare regulatory EHS plans (i.e., Integrated Contingency Plan)
Act as regulatory liaison during regulatory environmental and safety inspections

St.Germain’ outsourcing program is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. We are currently outsourcing EHS services to manufacturers, colleges and universities and solid waste companies in New England.