Propane & CNG

Propane and Compressed Natural Gas Solutions

St.Germain can assist you with every stage of your CNG or propane project from site selection and feasibility studies to design, permitting and installation of CNG trailer loading stations or public or private fueling stations. We will offer suggestions based on fuel supply and location, product demand, funding, environmental and safety impacts, and regulatory considerations. Additionally, we have the ability to continue supporting our clients by assisting with regulatory compliance throughout the life of your business.

At St.Germain, our senior project managers and professional engineers can assist you, whether you are expanding an existing facility or permitting a new one.

Our Services include:

•  Application of fire safety codes
•  Facility siting & design
• Propane tank site permitting
•  Local & state land, public utility & fire safety permitting
•  Operation manuals
•  Public relations & strategic planning
•  Traffic flow & roadway design
•  Site planning
•  Soil erosion and sedimentation control design
•  Storm water runoff analysis and design
•  Training programs
•  Zoning Review