Remediation is a natural extension of St. Germain’s experience in petroleum and hazardous substance investigation.

On projects where remediation is being considered, we review data in the context of human health risks and the proposed future use of the property, to identify the applicable cleanup standards and overall remediation goals. Then St. Germain will systematically evaluate the potential remedial alternatives with respect to cost, effectiveness, and practicality in meeting the remedial goal. St. Germain has extensive experience in remediation system design and installation.

Our Remediation Methods Include:

  • Soil excavation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
  • Groundwater treatment
  • Bioremediation
  • Oxygen injection

Some of our Remediation Projects Include:

Former Heritage Lantern Building & Site – Yarmouth, ME
Semiconductor Manufacturer – New England
Active Gasoline Station: Oxygen Enhanced Bio-remediation – in Western Maine