Vapor Intrusion


Vapor Intrusion (VI) occurs when vapors from volatile hazardous substances in contaminated soil or groundwater migrate into the indoor air of an overlying home or building. When air quality may be compromised due to vapor intrusion, you need a specialist to assess the contamination levels, whether there are significant health risks, and the viable methods of remediation. St.Germain has the necessary technical proficiency and an experienced team ready to guide you through the special challenges presented by this field and the developing science surrounding it.

Our experienced team is available at a moment’s notice to help apply practical solutions for difficult situations. We have experience you can rely on when it counts!



Vapor Intrusion Services

• Groundwater sampling
• Soil Sampling
• Photoionization (PID) field screening
• Landfill Gas Multimeter screening
• Magnehelic Pressure Gauges screening
• Summa canister – indoor air testing
• Summa canister – sub-slab vapor
• Summa canister – soil vapor
• Sub-slab depressurization systems
• Soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems
• Soil Gas (Porewater)
• Pathway Evaluation
• Mitigation/Remediation



Select Vapor Intrusion Assessment & Remediation Sites

• Dry cleaners
• Car dealerships
• Vehicle maintenance garages
• Gas service stations
• Manufacturing facilities
• Solid waste transfer stations
• Development properties



Representative Vapor Intrusion Projects