Spill Response


Accidental spills of oil and chemicals are an unfortunate occurrence, and they require expertise in characterizing the release, interacting with regulatory agencies, and determining remedial measures.

St.Germain will mobilize quickly to represent your interests – which can reduce environmental exposures, liability and costs.



You can rely on us from start to finish

Working with the right local, state and federal organizations, regulatory agencies and response vendors, we can provide:

 • Required notifications and regulatory agency communication
• Spill response team (assembly and coordination)
• Sampling and analysis plans
• Traffic control plans
• Exposure pathway assessment
• Vapor intrusion assessment
• Sampling indoor air
• Sampling supply wells


• Field screening contaminated soil
• Coordinating with cleanup contractor
• Overseeing soil excavation


• Confirmatory sampling
• Environmental reporting
• Gaining closure approval from regulatory agency

St.Germain can make sure the cleanup meets environmental requirements, and is completed safely.



Representative Projects