Due Diligence & Risk Management

Banks, developers, attorneys, land trusts, and potential buyers of commercial properties hire St.Germain to perform environmental due diligence services for sites ranging from small corner gas stations to parcels over 100,000 acres in size where aerial reconnaissance is necessary.

Having completed hundreds of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), St.Germain ensures they’re in accordance with ASTM Standards. We also specialize in desktop reviews in compliance with the Small Business Administration (SBA) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 50 10 5(K), and offer proprietary desktop review options that cater to your risk assessment needs.

Understanding the difference between regulatory environmental liability from contamination compared to liability associated with loan value is what sets St.Germain apart, and why commercial lenders and others rely on us.


Environmental Due Diligence Services

Many of these services can be conveniently ordered online.

Desktop Reviews

Screen Report is the most basic type of environmental due diligence. It allows you to gain an understanding of the site’s regulatory status.

Screen Report Assessment is a Screen Report that includes a risk assessment for potential contamination determined by one of our Environmental Professionals.

Records Search and Risk Assessments (RSRA) evaluates environmental risk quickly. It provides a risk rating for potential contamination based on a historical use records review and a government database review (equivalent to 40 CFR § 312.26).

Transaction Screens help recognize and understand potential environmental concerns for a site prior to real estate transactions or financing. Performed to the ASTM E1528-14 standard, these are based on a site inspection, environmental database review, historical use records review, and interviews with owner and/or occupants.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) provide the highest level of due diligence without testing. If you are seeking Superfund/CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act) protections, Phase I ESAs meet the ASTM E1527-13 and the EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiry” standards; and for forestland and rural property they meet ASTM E2247-16. You can also request client-specific ESAs that expand or reduce the work scope of a conventional Phase I ESA to address unique site conditions or transaction details.


Select Clients
Bangor Savings Bank
Kennebec Savings Bank
Norway Savings Bank
Camden National Bank
Newburyport Five Cent Bank
Bank of New Hampshire
Prime Motor Group
Verrill Dana
The Nature Conservancy
Northeast Lakes Land Trust

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“St.Germain’s environmental risk management support brings an increased safety and soundness to the bank’s environmental risk management process.”  – David Grenier, Kennebec Savings Bank

“Thank you so much for your continued good customer service. I’ve heard only praise for the information/reports you’ve provided to our clients. Keep up the good work!”
– Bethany Richards – Loan Officer and Compliance Manager, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI)

“St.Germain handles the environmental risk management process so we don’t have to worry.”  
– Christopher Kehl, Kennebunk Savings

“Mark, Don, Erin and the rest of the team at St. Germain are great to work with. They are very responsive and have been able to deliver very comprehensive environmental reporting to me and my clients with quick turnaround times. I highly recommend using St. Germain for any environmental reporting needs that you may have.”
– John Burcke, SVP Commercial Lending, Newburyport Bank

“I appreciate your help and quick turnaround. I have found St.Germain to be a valuable partner and resource.”
– Katie C. Vickers, Vice President & Commercial Banking Officer, Kennebec Savings Bank