Proactive Compliance

Proactive Compliance with Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Regulations Can Save You a Pot o’ Gold

Keeping ahead of EHS regulations can seem like an expensive and boring task, but not to us! A little upfront investment can save you money and gain you peace of mind.  Here are a few examples from this side of the rainbow:

  • * Getting help identifying wastes that can be recycled rather than managed as hazardous waste can eliminate disposal fees. Sometimes facilities actually get money back for the recovered materials. In one case, St.Germain helped a client net a benefit of approximately $75,000 a year!
  • * We saved another client about $30,000 per year by reviewing analytical requirements and switching to a different environmental laboratory.
  • * A college in Maine saved $75,000 per year based on our recommendation to change from lab-packing hazardous waste to disposing in drums.  Further cost savings were realized in reducing the amount of wastes generated.

A review of some penalties given in 2016 shows just how expensive non-compliance can be. In addition to the actual fines you may incur, you’ll have the added expense of getting into compliance (under rush circumstances). You also risk negative public perception from published notices and media reports detailing your facility’s missteps. The headline won’t be “Drum Left Open”, it will be “ACME Inc. Fined for Mismanaging Hazardous Waste”.

It shouldn’t take the luck of the Irish to uncover cost-saving measures in your compliance program, just contact our EHS compliance specialists for assistance.

Wishing you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from your friends at St.Germain!