Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence

Sentry EHS®, a technology solution created by St.Germain, was one of only three businesses in Maine to be presented the 2016 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.

The award—announced by Governor Paul R. LePage and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MEDEP) in December, 2016—was presented at St.Germain’ office in Westbrook, Maine on January 13 by Bill Longfellow, Director of Innovation and Assistance with MEDEP.

In a letter announcing the award, David Madore, Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s Director of Communications and Outreach, describes Sentry EHS as “Providing Maine businesses with a comprehensive way to track and plan for environmental compliance which encourages the dual benefits of environmental protection and economic stability.”

Sentry EHS is a web-based task tracking tool built by St.Germain to help companies maintain compliance with environmental, health and safety (EHS) regulations. The software goes beyond just tracking regulations. St.Germain’ regulatory specialists, engineering and scientists customize and personalize it for individual businesses in Maine and throughout the US. Sentry EHS provides the tools to see that everyone is completing tasks on time and submitting key documents at one facility or across a hundred facilities.

When presenting the award, Bill Longfellow said, “This tool, which tracks over 9,000 tasks, not only raises the bar for compliance at facilities, but it also allows business leaders to focus on managing compliance and training instead of only reacting to missed deadlines and incomplete record keeping.”

Patrick Coughlin, Director of Sentry EHS, accepted the award thanking the Governor and the MEDEP and also indicating that, “This commitment from our clients, along with the dedication of our staff present here today, are what has made Sentry EHS a success.”