Enforcement Actions – 2019

St.Germain has compiled a select list highlighting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and individual State enforcement actions from 2019. We know it is important to learn from the mistakes that others may have made, and how correcting them makes for stronger businesses and a healthier environment. Know that during this time of urgency, we are here, fully operational, and eager to assist your company with our environmental, engineering, and health & safety expertise!


Hydroelectric Facility and Cider Mill, Coos County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Lack of registration and reporting for withdrawal of more than 20,000 gallons per day, and lack of responsiveness to regulatory requests.NHDES Penalty: $18,000

Sludge processing facility, Penobscot County, Maine. Violation(s): Illegal lagoon discharge, groundwater contamination, and effluent standard violations.MEDEP Penalty: $31,500

Paper mill, Aroostook County, Maine. Violation(s): Effluent standard exceedances and using an uncertified laboratory. MEDEP Penalty: $64,000

Aquaculture company, Washington County, Maine. Violation(s): Overstocking penned fish, failure to collect water samples, lack of reporting, lack of a QA/QC report for fish origin, and failure to submit an emergency spill plan. MEDEP Penalty: $156,213

Real estate developer, multiple sites, Massachusetts. Violation(s): Failure to obtain construction stormwater permits and to adequately put in place and maintain erosion controls at each of the sites. USEPA Penalty : $150,000


Frozen food processor, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Lack of appropriate permit for frying operation emissions and heating units. NHDES Penalty: $6,250


Botanical gardens, Lincoln County, Maine. Violation(s): Wetland alteration and placed permanent structures without regulatory approval. MEDEP Penalty: $18,629

Municipality, York County, Maine. Violation(s): Reconstruction of a sea wall without a permit. MEDEP Penalty: $75,000


Electric cable manufacturing company, New Haven County, Connecticut. Violation(s): Failed to file and certify Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) forms. USEPA Penalty: $75,000

Liquid waste shipping and treatment company, Fairfield County, Connecticut. Violation(s): Failure to properly report required information about six toxic chemicals it received at and transported from its facility. USEPA Penalty: $82,000

Animal feed supplement supplier, Franklin County, Vermont. Violation(s): Failed to file Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) forms describing five toxic chemical compounds used at the facility. USEPA Penalty: $111,060


Electronics Manufacturer, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Unlicensed hazardous waste treatment, failure to complete hazardous waste determinations, lack of inspections for a year, and mislabeling hazardous waste. NHDES Penalty: $27,090

Electronics Manufacturer, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violations(s): Failure to maintain inspection logs, open containers, full containers remaining after 90 days, inadequate storage locations, lack of annual training, and lack of emergency agency agreements. NHDES Penalty: $6,090

Property Management Company, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Transfer of 200 loads of solvent-contaminated soil to an unoccupied property without proper waste determinations, licensing, or regulatory approval. NHDES Penalty: $500,000

Metal Fabrication Plant, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Failure to properly dispose of thinner soaked wood chips, improper hazardous waste storage, improper storage of and lack of testing waste oil, lack of labelling universal waste, and lack of emergency agency agreements. NHDES Penalty: $5,670

E-Waste Recycler, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Accumulation of universal waste for 44 months after regulatory inspection and lack of financial assurance documentation. NHDES Penalty: $7,000

Metal Fabrication Plant, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Lack of inspections for 52 weeks, lack of annual training, and incomplete contingency plan. NHDES Penalty: $7,110

Dry Cleaning Facility, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Lack of certified waste coordinator, improper hazardous waste storage, failure to conduct inspections for 52 weeks, and lack of adequate training. NHDES Penalty: $41,384

Printing Company, Merrimack County, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Failure to ship waste within 90 days, lack of adequate training, lack of emergency agency agreements, failure to inspect satellite accumulation areas, and failure to label universal waste containers. NHDES Penalty: $15,798

Electronics Manufacturer, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Violations(s): Lack of waste coordinator, improper waste storage, failure to ship within 90 days, missing 15 of 52 weekly inspections, lack of adequate training, lack of a contingency plan, failure to inspect satellite accumulation areas, failure to maintain manifests for three years, and lack of emergency agency agreements.NHDES Penalty: $34,096

Engineering coatings manufacturer, Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Violation(s): Self-reported violations consisting of 92 drums of hazardous waste improperly disposed of.  In addition, lack of license of an elementary neutralization unit, lack of hazardous waste determinations, missing 27 of 34 required inspections, and lack of emergency alarms. NHDES Penalty: $27,436

Chemical manufacturer, Essex County, Massachusetts. Violation(s): Failure to prevent releases of hazardous waste for four hazardous waste tanks and failed to comply with hazardous waste air emission standards for those tanks. USEPA Penalty: $202,000

Electroplating facility, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Violation(s): Failure to: properly store waste, properly label containers of hazardous waste; prepare a training plan and do the training; maintain an up-to-date contingency plan; post required signs; provide required emergency equipment and information; and conduct weekly inspections of hazardous waste storage areas and keep records of these inspections. USEPA Penalty: $30,000


Fuel and petroleum product distributors, Dukes County, Massachusetts. Violation(s): Failure to properly operate and maintain emission control equipment, failing to repair vapor leaks from equipment and failing to inspect, document and report on operations.  In addition, failed to install and maintain proper stormwater best management practices for boat cleaning operations, waste stockpiles, and oil and waste storage containers. USEPA Penalty: $1,300,000