Enforcement Actions 2017

Knowing the enforcement actions initiated by Maine Department of Environmental Protection (Maine DEP) and New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) in a given year can help to better understand the compliance areas receiving attention by regulatory agencies.

As a service to our clients and friends, we provide this summary of some enforcement activities during 2017 and the resulting penalties.  For help strengthening your compliance program, contact our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) team at 207 591-7000 for a review of your EHS programs.

  Maine Department of Environmental Protection


Vehicle Towing Service in Androscoggin County, Maine
Violation(s): Failure to meet the requirements of a Multi-Sector General Permit for stormwater including lack of documentation of training, inspections, and sampling, and  multiple omissions in their stormwater pollution prevention plan.
Penalty:  $7,500

Concrete Company in Androscoggin County, Maine
Violation(s): Failure to meet any of the requirements of Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) for stormwater, discharging wastewater without a license, and discharging wastewater into wetlands.
Penalty: $83,000

Vehicle Repair and Scrap Metal Facility in Kennebec County, Maine
Violation(s):  Failure to prepare a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), failure to conduct inspections, placed fill material in a stream, constructed an inadequately sized sediment trap, and placed  silt fence in a stream.
Penalty: $19,500


Ski Area in Knox County, Maine
Violation(s): Disturbed more than 1 acre of land without proper erosion control, unauthorized clearing of vegetation, and discharged sediment to an adjacent property.
Penalty: $42,000


Oil Storage Facilities Owner  in York County, Maine
Violation(s): Failure to have a Maine Certified Underground Storage Tank Installer present during excavation activities within 10 feet of underground tanks or piping, and failure to notify Maine DEP prior to tank removal.
Penalty: $2,750

  New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


Wood Chipping Company in Shelburne, New Hampshire
Violation(s): Exceeded annual fuel limitations for diesel-powered engines.
Penalty: $4,500


Healthcare Facility in Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Violation(s): Failure to conduct hazardous waste determinations, lack of staff training for managing hazardous waste, and failure to use proper waste codes.
Penalty: $9,000

Excavation Business in Strafford County, New Hampshire
Violation(s): Failure to comply with underground storage tank training requirements, failure to complete annual leak detection tests, and operation with single-wall UST system.
Penalty: $6,000

Manufacturer in Cheshire County, New Hampshire
Violation(s): Illegal disposal of hazardous waste paint filters since 2005, and lack of proper waste determinations for spent thinner.
Penalty: $13,500

Electronics Company in Merrimack County, New Hampshire
Violation(s): Failure to ship hazardous waste within 90 days, lack of a complete contingency plan, failure to conduct waste determinations, and failure to store universal waste lamps properly.
Penalty: $4,500