Scholarship Opportunity

As members of the Northern New England Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of Northern America (SWANA), St.Germain is posting this scholarship opportunity to help them and to help you. Additional information and the application, which is due March 22, 2019, can be viewed at this link.  

The Solid Waste Association of North America (Northern New England Chapter) is announcing the availability of a scholarship for college students or high school seniors who have been accepted into an undergraduate or graduate program committed to a degree closely tied to Solid Waste Management, Environmental Science, Engineering or a related field of study.

The award is offered in remembrance of Steve Parker, a founding member of the SWANA Northern New England Chapter. The scholarship is for $1,000.00 and is limited to students in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Applicants do not have to be SWANA members; however, if the applicant has identified a SWANA family member (parent, grand-parent etc.) their application may be submitted for consideration for additional scholarship funding from the International Board of SWANA for up to $5,000.00.
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