EHS regulations are extensive and complex, and St.Germain’ senior scientists have been helping our clients understand how those rules apply to their operations since we started in 1992. 

As part of a new round of improvements to our compliance management system that will make SENTRY EHS even more user-friendly and accessible, we are rolling out a new SENTRY EHSwebsite that offers important information about regulatory changes and updates to you. 

Visit and scroll down the page to the Regulatory Updates section for information on rule changes and other updates that might affect your facility. We check hundreds of regulatory changes posted by various states and the federal government on a weekly basis and we post updates that may be important to our clients to our website. We will be posting new updates as rule changes are proposed, so remember to check this periodically. 

While at the site, you can also get information about our compliance management tool – SENTRY EHS – which takes the knowledge, experience and accountability that you get when working with St.Germain to the next level with a web accessible, interactive tool to help companies maintain compliance with environmental health and safety regulations and manage related data. 

To learn more about regulatory updates,SENTRY EHS or our compliance management services, contact Patrick Coughlin at (207) 591-7000 or patrickc at