Maine Recycling and Solid Waste Conference 2018

Mark St.Germain and Peter Mohlin are “Betting on Innovation” at the Maine Resource and Recovery Association (MRRA) annual conference. 

This Maine Recycling and Solid Waste Conference & Trade Show is taking place April 23-24, 2018 in Rockport, Maine. Topics will cover organics collection, regulatory compliance for transfer stations, new innovations to divert hard to manage materials from waste streams and other important issues. 

At the conference, our client We Compost It / MB Bark deservedly won the Composter of the Year award. They run a top-notch operation at their Auburn, Maine composting facility, which we helped them design and permit in 2013. Until then, We Compost It, MB Bark’s curbside composting partner, had been limited to about 250 tons of food scraps per month at the Portland facility. With the new facility, they quadrupled capacity to 1,000 tons per month, allowing them to expand their food collection program.